I came to Mr. Wanek after struggling for two semesters through Statistics and Calculus. Luckily I met up with him after my second time taking the course at Nova Southeastern and my grade went from non-passing to a B.

~~Eduardo Caldera, Miami, FL, May 12

Tutoring Services

My writing skill is one of the factors that have contributed to my professional success. However, the development of this ability was possible thanks to the exceptional teaching offered by Michael Wanek.

~~Pablo Sierra, MDC, March 10


Always cordial and willing to help the students. Enthusiastic, energetic and displays positive behavior and has an outstanding ability to explain and teach. He inspires other to do better.

                                      ~~Jasmine Carbonell, 7th Grade

Great teachers and motivators! My good grades are the proof!

                                         ~~Daniella Avanzini, 7th grade

I really learned working with AYE staff. Compared to regular school, their home schooling program excelled!

~~Jessalyn Gonzalez, 6th grade

Advance Your Education, Inc.

Tutoring and Homeschooling Services of Miami, FL

Florida State Certified Teachers

My name is Michael Wanek, a Florida Professionally Licensed Teacher FLDOE I.D. 844980. I founded Advance Your Education in 2005. Having been born into a family with a long history of teachers, I was inspired since childhood that education and learning is one of the most fundamental experiences in life. We will all spend our lives constantly filling our minds with knowledge, facts, and skills of all types providing us the ability to experience the beauty of life. Personally, I have been teaching for 23 years in a wide variety of subjects and have been a student of many disciplines. My teaching strategy is multifaceted but I believe that students will get the most out of their learning through guided discussion and building a positive visualization of the learning objective. A brief summary of my background illustrates that learning is the spice of life.


•B.S. Physics, University of Iowa

•MBA International Business

•Minor in Music; Percussion Studies, University of Iowa

•Certified Florida State Teacher

•Certified Flight Instructor for all licenses

•Bilingual English/Spanish 

Work History:

•College Professor

•High School Mathematics Teacher

•College Administrator

•Business Training Manager for the Americas with a Fortune 500 freight and logistics company

•Tutoring center manager and instructor

•Curriculum Developer

•Certified Flight Instructor

•Language Instructor (English)